Longuevergne, Midzy

Longuevergne, Midzy


“Painting is an innate activity for Midzy Longuevergne. Her passion for art arose when she was a child. Her style is rooted in her French parentage. To this she added her love for the Dutch light. Her current inspiration is the Expressionist style.
Midzy’s passion led her to travel around the world. She painted her way through Afghanistan, Indonesia, North Africa and Latin America.
For the past 18 years she submerged herself in the magical effect of the incongruity  of Curaçao’s culture: The Beauty and the Mess”. (From: artist statement of Midzy Longuevergne)

Midzy was born in France and came to Curaçao in 1996. Before that she lived in in Belgium (1966-1970) and Amsterdam (1970-1996).

She attended the Académie Julian in Paris from 1964 till 1966 and the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Lille from 1963 till 1964.

In 2006 Midzy did a large solo exhibition at Landhuis Bloemhof, a retrospective of 10 years living on Curaçao. Titled, ‘Dix Ans Curaçao: Bida ta un Karnaval’ (Ten Years Curaçao: Life is a Carnival), it showed her paintings, photographs, drawings and 3 dimensional works. With this exhibition she also wanted to express her gratitude to the island, for all it had given her.

In the past years Midzy has participated in several group showings amongst which the prestigious ‘Island Reflections. The Contemporary Art of Curaçao’ at the Dupree Art Centre in Michigan (USA) in 2011 and more recently ‘Back to Nature’ at Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao (2013).

2013: Text by Josée Thissen-Rojer.



Website of Midzy Longuevergne.


Midzy was one of the 10 artists to participate in the exhibition 'Island Reflections. The contemporary art of Curaçao', at the De Pree Art Center and Gallery in Michigan (USA). See the video below:


Solo exhibitions:
2006 Dix ans Curaçao, bida ta un Karnaval, Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao.
2003 Galerie ID, Helmond, The Netherlands.
1998 Gallery Eighty-Six, Curaçao.
1995 Maison des Arts, Schaerbeek, Brussel, Belgium.
1990 Le debut de la fin du siécle, Forum Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1988 Forum Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1985 Kunsthandel Spiegelbeeld, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1984 Uit de kunst, Delft, The Netherlands.
1983 Wave Galleries, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1978 Galerie Das Schwartze schaf, Munster, Germany.
1975 Galerie Trefpunt, Gent, Belgium.

Group exhibitions:
2013 Back to Nature, Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao.
2011 Island reflections: The contemporary Art of Curacao, Holland Michigan, USA.
2011 Open Atelier Route, Banda Riba, Curaçao.
2010 Help Haiti, Fundraising auction at Gallery Alma Blou, Curaçao.
2009 Dependensia, Landhuis Knip, Curaçao.
2008 Something is happening in Pietermaai, Mon Art Gallery, Curaçao.
2007 Portraits, Mon Art Gallery, Curaçao.
2006 Celebration!, 1st lustrum exhibit of ArteVishon, Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao.
2002 Pandora’s Box, Gallery Eighty-Six, Curaçao.
2000 Millenium Art Collection, Amsterdam, Los Angelos, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Sydney.
1997 Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1996 Biennale d Árts graphiques de Saint-Maur, France.
1995 Jos Art Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1994 Invloeden van buitenaf, Stadsdeel Zeeburg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1992 Association Rochelaise d' échanges cultureles internationaux, La Rochelle, France.
1990 Kunst 1990, Kunst Rai, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1989 Windstreken, Forum Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1988 L'Art en march, Festival international d'art moderne et contemporain,Toulouse, France.
1985 Kunst rond de koepel, Stichting Koepelkwartier. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1984 Sonesta kunstmarathon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1983 Memorable weekend, Ruigoord, The Netherlands.
1982 Museum FODOR, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.