Mezas-Hummelink, Ans

Mezas-Hummelink, Ans


Ans Mezas-Hummelink (Netherlands, 1953) was born in Veldhoven, and has been living in Curaçao since 1981. Her artistic work consists of drawings, portraits and jewelry.

In February 2013 Ans participated in the group exhibition ‘Back to Nature’ at Landhuis Bloemhof with the artwork ‘Schoonheid in vergankelijkheid’ (Beauty in transience). Her contribution consisted of a detailed drawing, executed in color pencil, of the the delicate skull of the local white-tail deer. It’s Latin name Odocoileus virginianus curassavicus is written underneath the image. The attention she gave to even the smallest part of the skull with uneven antlers, enhances the vulnerability of the drawing, the technique and it’s subject. With this small gem Ans expresses herself on the beauty of the local nature, the Curaçao mondi. On both sides of the subject she added a column with handwritten texts on the essence of nature. For to her, the true work of art is not her drawing, but rather the small skull itself. She refers to a statement by the British author Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682) ‘Nature is the art of God’. 

In the exhibition Antepasado di Futuro. Visual Arts 1900-2010, organized in 2010 in The Curaçao Museum, Ans participated with the artwork ‘No More Hiding’ (2003). The large colorpencil drawing shows the portrait of a woman behind a grid. Though the woman, glancing at the viewer over her shoulder, seems timid, the work exudes an undeniable sensuality. In the center, the grid has a large opening, permitting a look at her true colors. This piece, dating from 2003, is a key work in her oeuvre. It stands for Ans’ own decision to stop hiding and show her true personality to the world, as a woman with all her ideas, feelings and emotions.

Jewelry by Ans Mezas-Hummelink is available at Mon Art Gallery in The Renaissance Rif Fort ; her color pencil drawings are sold by Gallery Alma Blou in Landhuis Habaai.

2013: Text by Josée Thissen-Rojer.



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Solo exhibits
1975 Cultureel Centrum 'De Lindenberg’, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
1989 Portraits, S-Gallery, Dr. Albert Schweitzer School, Curaçao.

Group exhibits
2013 Orange Fringes - Franje van Oranje, Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao.

2013 Back to Nature, Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao.

2012 Bejeweled 2012, Mon Art Gallery, Curaçao.

2012 Taboo, Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao.

2012 A Breast or Two, Mon Art Gallery, Curaçao.

2012 Door het oog van Egberdien (Through the eyes of Egberdien), Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao.

2011 Brionplein Gallery, exhibit at Brionplein on occasion of the royal visit, Curaçao.

2011 Bejeweled, Mon Art Gallery, Curaçao.

2011 Lous Martin Gallery, Delft, The Netherlands.

2010 Ride, Swim & Walk for the Roses, Renaissance Hotel, Curaçao.

2010 De Bakkerij, Bergen aan de Maas, The Netherlands.

2010 Antepasado di Futuro, Visual Arts 1900-2010, The Curaçao Museum, Curaçao.

2010 Bejeweled – Artisan Ornaments, Mon Art Gallery, Curaçao.

2010 Lous Martin Gallery, Delft, The Netherlands.

2009 Ride, Swim & Walk for the Roses, Marriott Hotel, Curaçao.

2009 Lous Martin Gallery, Delft, The Netherlands.

2009 Dependensia. Curaçao, Crossroad of the world, Landhuis Kenepa, Curaçao.

2009 Jewels on the Rocks, Mon Art Gallery, Curaçao

2008 Arte Bèbè, Mon Art Gallery, Curaçao.

2007 It’s all about women, Gallery Alma Blou, Curaçao.

2007 Snoa 275, Villa Maria. Scharloo, Curaçao.

2007 Let’s fight breast cancer, Gallery Alma Blou, Curaçao.

2007 Portraits, Mon Art Gallery, Rif Fort, Otrobanda, Curaçao.

2006 Celebration, Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao.

2006 Under Construction, Mon Art Gallery, Curaçao.

2006 Open Atelierdagen, Studio Evelien Sipkes, Curaçao.

2005 Koninginnedinge. Accessories and jewels for Queens, Studio Evelien Sipkes, Curaçao.

2003 Bijzondere Publikaties, Temporary Gallery Otrobanda Vieja, Riffort Village, Curaçao.

2003 Exhibit, Otrobanda Vieja Riffort Village, Curaçao.

2003 Resusitá, Temporary Gallery Otrobanda Vieja, Riffort Village, Curaçao.

2002 Curaçao Art Festival, Landhuis Jan Kok, Curaçao

2002 Exhibit Temporary Gallery Otrobanda Vieja, Riffort Village, Curaçao.

2002 Art of the roots, Kura Hulanda, Otrobanda, Curaçao.

2001 Nos Arte, Villa Maria, Curaçao.

1999 Arte '99. Identidat…..ayera awe manan, Scharloo, Curaçao.

1990 Gala di Arte, ITC, Curaçao.

2004  Design for the reverse of the constitutional coin for the Netherlands Antilles. Issued at De Munt in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This coin was issued on December 15, 2004 during the commemoration of 50 years constitutional structure.


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