Francis Sling – Kita Sunú

Francis Sling – Kita Sunú

Large mural by Francis Sling at the corner of De Rouvilleweg and Hoogstraat in Otrobanda district of Willemstad, Curaçao. Titled ‘Kita sunú’ (Undress or get naked) it depicts a chicken hanging her gold colored feathers with pins on a clothes line, against a background of the sunset sky, set in bright colors.

Francis wants to inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. In his vision the best way to be your best version is to present yourself as you are, with all your flaws, defects and beauty traits. Through Naked he inspires us to be honest, open and vulnerable, to better ourselves through acceptance.

The painting was commissioned by the neighborhood on the side-façade of one of the buildings of the complex known as Keizershof, which has been abandoned and empty for years. In 1995 Keizershof was bought and restored by Dutch business family. It housed a hotel, restaurants and a vibrant night-life area. The famous Dutch entertainer Guus Meeuwis gave his first Curacao concert in Keizershof.

In 2018 the complex was bought by a new business group that has slowly started renovations with the intention of recreating the entertainment and hotel function. In December 2018 the building was used by Francis Sling for his art-project ‘#kitasunu’ (#getnaked). The artist lived in the empty building for 2 weeks in which he painted the walls and ceiling. 

He invited the people to inspire him, bare themselves naked and share their body insecurities, which he would paint inside the building. The big reveal of his project took place at the second edition of the Kaya Kaya Street Festival on December 22, 2018. An initiative by Otrobanda entrepeneurs Kurt Schoop, Raygen Zuiverloon and Clayton Lasten. Their motto for the street party is to ‘Leave it better behind’.

Francis Sling’s project was a major act during the Kaya Kaya Festival drawing a large crowd. The painter was overwhelmed by the intensity and amount of the response to his call. Respondents expressed themselves freely and openly in word and image.

Although the large mural ‘Kita Sunú’ has quickly become a public favorite and is daily drawing tourists and locals for selfies and photographs, at this point it is still uncertain if it can be maintained after the much needed and planned renovations to the monument. 

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Posted by Josée Thissen-Rojer.