Monument Curaçao Slave Revolt 1795

Monument Curaçao Slave Revolt 1795

Curaçao, August 17th, 1795: Start of the slave revolt at the Plantation Kenepa, led by the slaves Tula, Carpata and Louis Mercier.
Approximately 1000 slaves joined and the revolt lasted several weeks. All leaders were afterwards captured, tortured and executed.

Since 2009, by initiative of Foundation National Park, 7 statues were placed marking the trail of resistance.

These statues, white pillars topped by a big fist holding a broken chain, were designed, made and placed by the renowned Curaçao artist
Yubi Kirindongo.

The statues can be found at Kenepa, Santa Cruz, Porto Mari, Saliña Sint Marie, Seri Neger at the Fontein plantation, Savonet and Rif. At each site a plaque is placed with a short narrative of the event that took place on the specific location.

Slavery in Curaçao was abolished in 1863. In 2013 and 2014 the Curaçao art scene commemorates the 150th anniversary of abolition of slavery, with exhibitions and art events. Initiator is the foundation Arte’99. Pa libertatChairman of the foundation is Mrs. Lusette Verboom-Fairbairn. For this occasion artists, museums and art galleries joined forces to organize a year of commemorative events.