Painting by Ati Schotborgh in Renaissance

Painting by Ati Schotborgh in Renaissance

‘The Lovers’ Bridge’ (2008), by Ati Schotborgh (Curaçao 1933 – 2011) for the hotel lobby of the Renaissance Hotel in Willemstad, Curaçao.

A large scale painting depicting the gabled houses of Otrobanda behind a wooden bridge over the sea waters at the front.


The artwork is quite large and measures 2.3 x 4 meters. Because of the size the painter used 4 separate canvasses which are placed in one frame.

Ati grew up in Otrobanda and knew a lot about this historical part of the island’s capital. This painting in the lobby of The Renaissance refers to a story Ati was very fond of. In 2010 he published a book with stories and anecdotes of former times, Kuentanan di Ayera (Stories of Yesterday). The first story is about the two wooden bridges that in the old days, used to connect Otrobanda to the Rif in front of the coast. The tell tale name of the bridges were ‘Pasa Kontramai’ (Meet me) and ‘Kòrta Orea’ (Have an affair). According to Ati’s short story no one knew which bridge was which. The name of the bridge you took depended on your plans when crossing it. In the book Ati narrates his stories with humor and gusto.

In his painting for The Renaissance Ati captured this little piece of history in the new building and developments that completely transformed this area. Because, as he wrote: “These are the times that will never return, but will always be a part of us…if we wish to remember.”