Tanya Haynes – Sea Turtle Ascent

Tanya Haynes – Sea Turtle Ascent

The experience with the green sea turtle happened during Tanya Haynes’ first visit to Bonaire, a sister island of Curaçao.

Tanya had studied the turtle swim along the reef without a care in the world for 60 to 70 minutes. The sun was setting and there were sun rays behind him and he was just swimming and eating, not even bothered with the scuba-diver observing him. For Tanya, it was the most incredible experience.

Afterwards she knew she had to share the moment on her canvas. At first she made sketches and drew out the painting but then put it aside for 2 years.

One night, about 2:00 AM, she suddenly went back to the painting and finished it in a few hours. Exactly as she had it in mind, exactly as she had watched the turtle swim so close to her that afternoon.

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