Marjon Wegman and Rien te Hennepe

Landhuis Bloemhof is ready for the art exhibition Echt Paar with sculptures and ceramics by the art couple

Marjon Wegman and Rien te Hennepe

Opening Saturday, September 14, 2019. 
Opening words by collectioneur Andrey Pichardo.

Join Bloemhof and find out how these two artists connect to each other and their art.

Passionate Togetherness
Marjon and Rien married in 2002. They not only found each other as partners but as artists as welll. Sometimes the influence of one can be seen in the work of the other. A Table mountain stone found by Rien can appear in Marjon’s work and sometimes Rien uses Marjon’s ceramics in his sculptures. Other times they will deliberately create together.
Curacao is without doubt their main source of inspiration. Marion is more drawn to warm Caribbean colors whereas Rien is attracted to the subtle, natural color combinations found in the Table Mountain.

Marjon Wegman, was born and raised in Curacao till her parents returned to the Netherlands when she was 15. She studied to become a teacher in textile. Her currently works in ceramics and mosaics. Marjon Wegman is the daughter of Eddy Wegman (1918-1988). The Curaçao Museum is currently showing photographs by Eddy Wegman in the gallery.
Rien te Hennepe was born in the Netherlands in 1950. After a long career in health care, he turned to the arts. The Table Mountain in Curaçao, with its beautiful crystals and stones, supplies the inspiration for his sculptures.

Extra Activities
September 28, morning: Meet & Greet the artists.
October 17, evening: interactive lecture about their work.

The exhibition remains till October 31, 2019.
See also their previous exhibition in Surinam in 2014, by clicking this link: ‘It takes two’.


Photographs and post by Josée Thissen-Rojer.