Open Atelier Route 2018

Save te date for the upcoming Open Atelier Route 2018.

During 2 weekends, several artists in Curaçao will have Open House and receive visitors in their private studio. The Open Atelier Route is a very popular event. It is a unique opportunity to meet & greet our local visual artists, and buy art.

First weekend is March 3 and 4, when you can visit artist studio’s ‘Pariba di brùg’, east of the St. Anna bay.

Second weekend is March 10 and 11, when artist’s of Bandabou will open their doors, for you: ‘Pabou di brùg’, west of the St. Anna bay.

The Queen Juliana Bridge, over the St. Anna bay, is used to divide the island in two sections.

More information and the traditional map will be available via Facebook or visit their website.

Participating artists for 2018 are:
Pariba di brùg: Gwen Anderson, Hortence Brouwn, Lies Bruens, Marianne Cats, Annemieke Dicke, Jean Girigori, Hilma Koeiman, Garrick Marchena, Ashley Mauricia & PITOPOLO, Morgaine Parris, Ellen Spijkstra, Merly Trappenberg, Carlo Wallé, Christina de Windt and Giovani Zanolino;
Tapestries by Lucia Schnog, Nel An van Eenennaam & Elsbeth Kooyman.
Landhuis Bloemhof with Herman van Bergen, Michèle Russel-Capriles & Susan Agnes Rudolf.
Landhuis Granbeeuw with Carlos Better, Patrick Bral, Omar D. Maduro & Marja Tukker.
Project 3 with Aron Bak, Don Marco, Brett Russel and Prince Victor.
Studio M-kwadraat with Marlies Schoenmakers & Marcel van Duijneveldt.
Uniarte with Aron Bak, Avantia Damberg, San Ramon, Chris Peralta & Inonge.

Pabou di brug: Giovanni Abath, Ailsa Anastatia, Linda van der Burgt, Hanneke Floor, Cliff Hasham, Tanya Haynes, Lia Krom, Suzet Rosaria, Evelien Sipkes, Philippe Zanolino.
Gallery Alma Blou: Krista van der Meijden.
Instituto Buena Bista & Gallery Esmeralda: Work by students, teachers and international artists.
Lagun: Eddy Baetens and Monique Harbers.
Witteweg 81: Carlos Blaaker and Diederik Radder.
Landhuis Daniel: Jan Francke -alias Jakke, Sandra Hay, Herman van Bergen, Marion Wegman.
Mon Art Experience in Rif Fort: Michelle Mesker and Ans Mezas Hummelink.
Museum Yubi Kirindongo: Yubi Kirindongo.
Blue Bay: Sculpture trail.
Evelien Sipkes: Evelien Sipkes and Ellen Elings.
Seru Fortuna 471: Omar Sling and Francis Sling.

This event is organized by the artists themselves. The previous Atelier Route was in 2015. The event was first organized in 2006, then in 2008 and next in 2011.