Group exhibition Trickle in Landhuis Bloemhof with works by

Ailsa Anastatia
Christy Beaujon
Avantia Damberg 
Rose Ann Ignacio

Saturday June 1st,
7:00 PM
Landhuis Bloemhof
Sta. Rosaweg 6

Discipline, consistency, determination, passion and creativity. These are the connecting factors that the four female artists of the next exhibition have in common.

‘Trickle’ gives an impression of the individual paths that these artists have taken to break through in the art world. The title is a reference to water that always finds its own way and that eventually penetrates everywhere. Water is therefore incorporated as a concept in the moving photos, the acrylic and mixed media paintings and the installations of this exhibition.

The exhibition was opened by Nifa Ansano, and with her permission her openingspeech is published on this page.

Openings speech by Nifa Ansano:

Four phenomenal artists
Exhibiting their art

Four ladies that have encountered each other in the past, but were not aware that they had. These four women without knowing they possessed the same qualities; discipline, perseverance, determination, consistency and passion. Trickling through different roads, they came together here at Landhuis Bloemhof to present themselves to you communicating in that one language that they all speak oh so well.

When we look at art we search for beauty, forgetting that art is the mirror of the artists daily life. How life impacts them in such a way they have no other option then to express their feelings into an artwork.

Christy Beaujon captures movements in her frames, making time stand still, giving you the feeling, you are at the exact same moment as when she did make time timeless

Rose Ann Ignacio uses her bold colors to put on canvas what you think you know and still giving you the opportunity to broaden your perception of what you thought you knew

Avantia Damberg is an art lover in all its forms. Mixing all kind of media, she wants you to look further, beyond her art, beyond the meaning of life. Hoping you will find what is the reason you are and feel alive

Ailsa Anastatia is her art. She gives a new meaning to abstract. To composing the infinite beauty combined with the ugliness of life that makes you sigh at the notion of “it is worth it to go another mile”

When they dropped in, one by one, to deliver their artworks for this exhibition I couldn’t help but notice how different they are from each other and how unique they are, the artist and their works. And now that the works are hanging on the wall you can see how these artists uniqueness complement each other and how every piece tells a different chapter of the same story

In all their artworks you will find a piece of their soul. Their struggles, their strength, their motivation, their longings and most importantly the love and respect they have for art… And us the art lovers.

And even though they’ve trickled through, independently made names for themselves to be recognized as artists, these ladies stay humble, because they want to keep thriving, trickling, trying to touch our souls with the common language we speak through art. 

It’s in the stroke of their brush
The composition of their work
The portraying of their soul
That makes each one of them

Phenomenal women
Phenomenal artists
Yes you are


The exhibition remains till June 29, 2019.


Photographs by Josée Thissen-Rojer.