Yubi Kirindongo at MIET

Yubi Kirindongo at MIET
Location: MIETair in Beers, the Netherlands
Start date: 2015-09-06
End date: 2015-09-27
Time: T +31(0)6 51 61 08 83

Curaçao visual artist Yubi Kirindongo is one of the participating artist in the exhibition Female Orgasm at MIETair in Beers, the Netherlands.

The exhibition can be viewed on September 6, 13, 20 and 27 (all Sundays in September).

Opening words  on Sunday, September 6 by artist Atty Bax.

More information at: www.expositiefemaleorgasm.nl and www.mietair.com

The theme of this exhibition, Female orgasm, is surrounded by taboos and preconceptions. For women, but men also, it relates more to emotions like liberation, vulnerability, pain, guilt, surrender, independence, anger, insecurity and of course erotism and sexuality.
A total of 38 sculptors from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Curaçao, England and Japan bravely tackled the theme. Pushing aside guilt, shame and reputation they did what’s expected from any artist: create in freedom.
Impetus for this exhibition is the collaboration project between New York photographer Linda Troeller (1949) and German author/entrepreneur Marion Schneider (1956). Together they published a book Female Orgasm. MIETair has a special relationship with Linda Troeller and her portraits will also be showing in the exhibition, engaging in a gripping dialogue with the sculptures.

Internationally renowned visual artist Yubi Kirindongo is representing Curaçao in this unique art show.