Yubi Kirindongo book and exhibition

On March 15, 2014 Gallery Alma Blou hosted the opening of the exhibition on internationally renowned artist Yubi Kirindongo, titled: Yubi Kirindongo. Rebelde di Alma i Kurpa (Yubi Kirindongo. Rebel in Art & Soul).

The exhibition is organized to celebrate the Curaçao presentation of a book on his life and artistic oeuvre.
Writer is Thomas Meijer zu Schlochtern from the Netherlands. By Yubi’s special request it is available in Papiamentu, English and Dutch.
Translation in Papiamentu was done by Stanley Braafheid and Lusette Verboom. Translation in English by D’Lane Camp and Donna Vries Hermansader. The book was published by LM Publishers.

The photographs below show artworks exhibited in galley Alma Blou.

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In Curaçao the baptism of the book is organized by Gallery Alma Blou and Fundashon Yubi Kirindongo. The Governor of Curaçao, mrs. Lucille George-Wout, was present at the occasion as was dr. Ben Whiteman, Minister of Public Health. All guests were welcomed under the Mangotree on the patio, by owner of the gallery Mrs. Lusette Verboom. She confided to the guests that Yubi had surprised her with various new artworks for the exhibition.

Author Thomas Meijer zu Schlochtern spoke about his special friendship with the artist, which led to the book. He also mentioned that in 2006 Yubi was initiated as a priest in the Yoruba religion.
Lionel Janga, chairman of the foundation Fundashon Yubi Kirindongo, emphasized the importance of the new publication. He requested that the book be made available for the young people and students in Curaçao.
Sponsor Otto Linker in his speech recalled a twist of fate incident in the life of Yubi. It began in 2002 with an art exhibition of Antillean artists in the Central Bank in the Netherlands, ‘Arte di Nos e Ta’ curated by Jennifer Smit and Adi Martis. All participating artists are present for the royal visit of Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Máxima. Only Yubi is not there. Because of his artistic outfit he is denied entrance by the security of the Central Bank. However, in 2012 Yubi is the first artist to receive a royal visit at his home when HRH Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Máxima visit Curaçao. The incident and royal visit are recorded in the book.
Yubi Kirindongo, in his speech, admitted to his rebellious nature, but emphasized that it is never without cause. He finished with the  announcement that it might be time for him to stop creating art and instead start writing his opinions.

After Yubi’s speech the baptism ceremony was held. This was started by the performance of a group of singers and Kachu players. As later explained by Nicole Henriquez the Kachu is a traditional instrument, made of a cow horn, used to announce news or the beginning of an event. True to local custom the three books were then presented and baptized by Madrina Mrs. Nicole Henriquez and Padrino Mr. Rendy Metch. The baptism was performed with dancing, chanting and the sharing of a mix of local beans.

The photographs below are an impression of the ceremony.

Yubi Kirindongo is also currently honored in the Netherlands with a large retrospective solo exhibition in Museum Beelden aan Zee in the Hague. A total of 106 artworks are displayed in the Museum. The show Yubi Kirindongo. Rebel in Art & Soul will remain till June 1st, 2014.

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