Street Art Skalo

Street Art Skalo

Street Art Skálo is one of the projects of Fundashon Rebiba Skálo Abou, FRESA.

Street Art in Scharloo Abou consists of a sculpture in Parke Leyba made by Roberto Meeuw and murals by Garrick Marchena, Robert Rodrigues, Sander van Beusekom, Francis Sling and Alex da Silva..

FRESA works together with a growing group of creative entrepreneurs and Skálo people to turn the Skálo Abou area into the creative district where entrepreneurship, tech start-ups, creative industry professionals go hand in hand with art and education.

FRESA is turning the monuments in this part of Willemstad into innovative and economic powerhouses: offices, ateliers, factories and workstations, ánd housing for long and short term lease. Completed with cafés, boutiques, gallery and restaurants. Plus a congress venue, a square for events, a park for leisure and outdoor locations for exposition of the arts.

Beautiful Skálo Abou deserves a lot of energy, a lot of love, a lot of creativity, many helping hands and funds to turn the area into the city district for ‘working-living-learning-growing’.

For more information you can contact FRESA: (+5999) 462 8680,
STREET ART SKÁLO: (+5999) 515 4011.

Located in Scharloo Abou.
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