Arturo Desimone in Casa Moderna

Arturo Desimone in Casa Moderna

A stolen Sea

Drawings by Arturo Desimone, artist in resident.

Friday, May 5, 2017.
7 PM
Casa Moderna, Madurostraat 60

Arturo Desimone (Aruba, 1984) is an Aruban-Argentinean writer and visual artist, currently based between the Netherlands and Argentina. He has exhibited his drawings in group shows in art galleries in Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Netherlands, and in international publications .

His poetry, fiction and essays have appeared in Hamilton Stone Review, New Orleans Review, BIM magazine Jewrotica, Small Axe Salon, Horror Sleaze Trash, CounterPunch Mr. Motley, Al-Arte and Democracia Abierta.
Last February he performed at the international poetry festival of Havana Cuba. In previous years he performed at international poetry festivals of Buenos Aires and Brussels.

“I approach the visual arts and drawing, with the mind set of a poet. Many poets made drawings based on their way of thinking or the distinct logos of poetry. For instance the drawings of Federico García Lorca or Kafka’s logogram-type drawings.

Most of these poets did not develop their drawings beyond the point of rare experiments, that entered their manuscripts and publications.

As a poet I take drawing and script in images to a much higher level. There are no explanations or illustrations, as illustrations imply to shed light on something. My drawings divide the light. I prefer the dark of Goya chambers to the lit interiors of Vermeer.”

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