Bart Stuart and Klaar van der Lippe

Bart Stuart and Klaar van der Lippe

Bart Stuart and Klaar van der Lippe are contemporary artists based in Amsterdam. They are now staying in Curaçao at IBB for the Artist in Residence program, working with the IBB-students and exploring their own artistic projects.
They work with ideas instead of objects. They think in a sculptural way about social processes. The public space is their studio. Everyday authorship, the right and possibility for freedom of expression, is central in their work.

In Curaçao, as the result of their recent 4 month residency at IBB, they created a cultural procession in collaboration with 30 students. This procession was an allegory on Curaçao, based on meetings with locals, visitors and experts. The cultural procession in downtown Willemstad intended to make everyday problems part of the official story. It was a liberating experience for students and visitors. Extensive coverage in the media showed that complex problems can be good news too.

Bart and Klaar have explored the region to investigate the Caribbean cultural reality.

The upcoming Artist Talk at Uniarte will be a short introduction to their art and working methods. The following public talk will elaborate on and publicly explore the Caribbean myth and reality. Questions raised will be: Local inspiration or global topics. Former Colony or Freetown?

Thursday January 21, 2015.
8 PM,
Madurostraat 60 (Casa Moderna),