Blue Bay sculpture garden

Blue Bay sculpture garden

The sculpture garden at Blue Bay in Curaçao opened on May 2nd, 2018.

At 6 PM on May 2nd the board of Stichting Beeldentuin Blue Bay welcomed it’s guests. The board consists of the following members: Jan Gulmans, Sepp Koster, Freddy Curiel, Ingenie Dammers and Ellen Spijkstra.
During the event the sponsors of the first phase, the sculpture trail, were acknowledged.

The 2nd phase is the opening of the sculpture garden next to the Landhuis, with the first 5 statues by artists Babs de Brabander, Hortence Brouwn, Yubi Kirindongo, Ellen Spijkstra and Norva Sling. The statues in the sculpture garden are either on loan or donated by art collectors or private collections from Curaçao or the Netherlands.


All artworks in the sculpture garden and trail are now illuminated and can be enjoyed after dark.

The board also announced the next phases of the sculpture garden. In the near future the project will receive loans from museums in the Netherlands like Museum Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen. The board is also looking to create an underwater park along the shores of Blue Bay.

With these projects and efforts the boards sets out to create an high end cultural tourist attraction comparable with other  ‘wonder gardens’ around the globe. Donations, loans and sponsorships for the project are very welcome.

Click here for the website of Stichting Beeldentuin Blue Bay in Curaçao.
Text and photographs by Josée Thissen-Rojer.