Dicke, Dometilie & van Batenburg

Dicke, Dometilie & van Batenburg

Exhibition to celebrate the abolition of slavery in Curaçao in 1863.

Art exhibition on 150 Years of Abolition in the Curaçao Maritime Museum, by visual artists Annemieke Dicke and Didi Dometilie. A new comer in the exhibition is Karin van Batenburg.

The exhibition was opened by Anja Steffens, co-producer of the movie Tula, The Revolt (released in 2013).

The 3 artists look back on 150 years of freedom and present us with their view in paintings and two installations by Annemieke Dicke.


Curaçao Maritime Museum
N. van de Brandhofstraat 1
Scharloo, Curaçao

August 4 till October 6, 2013.
Opening hours:
Tuesday – Saturday: 9 AM – 4 PM