Elis Juliana, Piedra di Mulina

Elis Juliana, Piedra di Mulina

Exhibition at Fundashon NAAM on the collection of Elis Juliana (1927-2013) in the exhibition hall of the institute in Pietermaai, Curaçao.
Minister of culture, Mrs. Rubina Bitorina opened this exhibition of historical, cultural and religious objects, drawings and books. It is a small hommage to the multi talented Elis Juliana who passed away on June 23, 2013. The objects, drawings and books are testimony of a life time of dedication to preservation of our history.

NAAM issued a booklet for this occasion which also explains the title of the exhibition. In 2004 Joyceline Clemencia wrote a book on Elis titled Piedra di Mulina, and explained how Elis considered himself a millstone. The millstone grinds raw material, preparing it for the next use, as part of a longer process. In the same way Elis collected the knowledge, processed it, and passed it on to the next generation.

The exhibition ‘Elis Juliana, Piedra di Mulina’ (Elis Juliana, Millstone) can be visited at NAAM – National Archaeological Anthropological Memory Management, Johan van Walbeeckplein 13, Curaçao.

June 23 – August 16, 2013.

Opening hours
Tuesday – Friday:
9 AM till Noon
2PM till 4.30 PM

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