Ellen Spijkstra in Korea

Ellen Spijkstra in Korea

Curaçao visual artist Ellen Spijkstra is participating in the Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2015 in Korea.
The event is taking place from April 24th til May 31st, 2015
in the Icheon World Ceramic Center, in Republic of Korea.

Ellen Spijkstra is participating by invitation. Her work was selected from 2,629 entries by 1,470 artists from 74 nations. The selection committee consisted of a mix of six Korean and international experts. They selected 108 artists through a rigorous online screening process, that took 10 days.

Another group of 5 experts conducted the on site screening of the ceramic art works in February 2015, to select 10 finalists for the grand prize and other major prizes. Although Ellen Spijkstra’s work was not selected as a finalist, participating in such a prestigious event is in itself a great honor.

In the Republic of Korea ceramics is viewed as the highest artistic discipline. The biennale in Gyeonggi is considered the most important international ceramic event and receives world wide attention from the international art world. The documentary about Ellen Spijkstra, ‘Roest en Koraal’ by Felix de Rooy and Kirk Claes will be shown during a special presentation.

On April 25th, Ellen Spijkstra, who has travelled to Korea, will give a half hour introduction about her oeuvre and techniques.

Images below show the poster for the event and Ellen Spijkstra’s ‘Cas Abou’, a wall relief in the exhibition.