Exhibition – Tera Percussions by Tatiana Saturnino‏

Exhibition – Tera Percussions by Tatiana Saturnino‏

Opening act by percussion students.
Introduction by Camille Paz Rivero.
Saturday December 22, 2012. From 10 to 11 AM.
Workshop/demonstration by Tatiana and her husband Pernell Saturnino on various percussion instruments.
Please sign up in advance. Tel: 7375775 or info@bloemhof.an
is free.

Saturday December 29, 2012.

End of Year concert, starting at 7 PM.
Performances by various local artists like Pernell Saturnino, Ompi Tio, Marvin Snijder, Niata Augusta, Gody, Anouk Noorden, Shandrelica Casper, Clark Elisabeth, Alberto Blanco, Hershel Rosario, Ronchi Mathew, Stanley Betrian, Marlon Conradus, Dean McCarthy, Gino Samson, Magoo, Maruja Boogaard and Krystle Rosario.

Come and enjoy some Gaita and Tambu to end the year swinging!

Tickets are available for purchase at Landhuis Bloemhof and via Tatiana Saturnino – Felix.

Ticket sale revenues go towards the purchase of Tatiana’s much needed tools for making her sought after percussion instruments.