Gallery Alma Blou: Anton Heyboer

Gallery Alma Blou: Anton Heyboer

Curaçao, May 18, 2014.

The King of Arts is the title of the new exhibition in Gallery Alma Blou with works by Anton Heyboer (Indonesia, 1924- Netherlands, 2005).

The opening takes place on
May 24, 2014
7:30 – 9 p.m.
at Gallery Alma Blou.

Opening words by Roland Colastica.


Anton Heyboer spent part of his childhood in Curaçao. He lived here from 1934 till 1939. Gallery Alma Blou has a small booklet available on his Curaçao years, with photographs of the young Anton Heyboer.

Thursday, June 12, 2014 from 19:00 – 20:30: Gallery Alma Blou will screen 2 short films with Anton Heyboer.
First the well known television episode made by Dutch comedian André van Duijn. In the 2nd movie the artist shares his vison on art.

When entering the exhibition The King of Arts, showing art works by Anton Heyboer (1924 – 2005), the eye is immediately caught by the installation at the center of the room. A large tree trunk adorned with crystals and small buds of the pita plant is perched sideways, on top of three pedestals. The centerpiece is created by Manja Groeneveld, as a tribute to the artist and her personal good friend Anton Heyboer. The trunk is pure and rough, as was the artist. The crystals are also a symbolic reference to Anton Heyboer, for he loved crystals and was always collecting them. The small buds of the pita plant refer to the innocence and eccentricity of the acclaimed King of Arts.

Manja Groeneveld is also responsible for the present exhibition in Gallery Alma Blou of 21 art works by Anton Heyboer.  On the opening night Manja Groeneveld wore a paper cape, printed with the wedding invitation the artist had made for marriage to his bride Maria.

In the window sill, the gallery has placed a few books on the artist. One of them has a written message for Manja Groeneveld, signed by four of the brides, and reveals the depth and intimacy of the friendship between Manja Groeneveld and Anton Heyboer: “… For Ton you were profoundly feminine, a muse. You protected the baby he really was, nevertheless respecting his masculinity.” The message is signed by Maria, Marike, Lotti and Joke.

Anton Heyboer spent part of his childhood in Curaçao, from 1933 till 1939. A period that had a great impact on his life, which can also be traced in his work. After 76 years, it’s almost feels like he is back, because this is the first time that his art is exhibited in Curaçao.

The exhibition consists of paintings, drawings and prints, and shows work made between 1976 and 2005. Anton Heyboer lived by a personally designed system. He produced unique art by creating work based on this system, symbols and signs, wanting to communicate his vision on the innocence of life and questioning the validity human existence

Anton Heyboer is well known for his unconventional way of life and his eccentricity. He lived in a small village, Den Ilp, in the Netherlands in a self built house, together with 5 women known as ‘The Brides of Heyboer’. His work gained international recognition and prices for his work were soaring, but in 1984 he decided to break with his gallery and the official art scene. He felt his work should be available to everyone and drastically lowered his prices. His fifth wife Petra Heyboer-Timmermans opened a gallery in Den Ilp, Anton Heyboer Gallery, where his work is still available.

The Foundation V.O.F. Heyboer Malomajo (the five brides of Heyboer) holds the copyrights for all artworks of Anton Heyboer and issues authenticity certificates. The present art show was realized in collaboration with the foundation.

The exhibition remains till June 14, 2014.