IBB – All You Can Art 2

IBB – All You Can Art 2

Opening on Friday June 16, 2017 in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam:

All You Can Art 2

In 2016 IBB organized a successful first ‘All You Can Art’-program in the Netherlands. This year they are back.

Info: +31 (0)10-4400301
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday, from 10AM till 5Pm. Sundays and public holidays, from 11AM till 5PM.
June 17 – August 27, 2017.

After the first edition in 2016, this summer the Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) Curaçao is back in the Kunsthal for a second time. All you can Art 2 is an exhibition and open studio in which everyone has the opportunity of following the master-apprentice principle to create, learn and discover. The IBB founders and artists David Bade and Tirzo Martha are in the studio every day together with various social practice artists to make art with the public. A new feature is the collaboration with three Rotterdam partners so that the Kunsthal and IBB can involve and create bonds with special target groups.

All you can Art 2. Studio with IBB. June 17 – August 27, 2017.
The role of the public and special target groups is even more important in this All you can Art than it was last year. David Bade and Tirzo Martha, former IBB students Elvis Chen and Roxette Capriles are holding a studio in the Kunsthal, creating new work together with the public and partners, and from 11 July teaching the Summer School students.

The artists have set up a studio on no less than three partner locations in the city in order to reach diverse target groups. Stichting Laurens (care for the elderly), Het Zuiderpark College (advanced secondary professional education) and Antes (care for addicts) are teaming up with the artists this summer to tackle the challenge of giving art a place in their everyday practice.

The artists will work for a couple of weeks together with residents, students or patients to create a sculpture or applied object that can perform a function in their daily lives.

This setting offers scope for the exchange of knowledge, stories, cultures and skills. The Summer School students will also be involved in the artistic process and acquire experience with working in a social context on the various locations.

Every day in the exhibition
Art of the day: Visitors share their favorite ‘Art of the Day’ on the wall in the exhibition or through social media with the hashtag #kunstvddag #allyoucanart2 #ateliermetibb. This work of art is projected in the exhibition with a beamer and may become a source of inspiration for the artists afterwards.

All you can Art Green Screen: There is an ING photo booth in front of the green wall in All you can Art 2 where visitors can take their favorite photo of themselves in a virtual artist’s studio. The IBB team regularly holds Green Screen sessions near the wall to teach visitors more about film techniques and to experiment in the space.

Cyanotype: The IBB team is crazy about Cyanotype. Everyone can work with the team every day to get to grips with this photographic process and make unusual prints.

Open Studio: In the exhibition visitors can get down to work every day in the five studios of the artists David Bade, Tirzo Martha, Elvis Chen & Roxette Capriles, Liesbeth Labeur and Rieneke de Vries. The artists let everyone join in on their latest works of art and assignments are carried out in the studios that offer scope for working on their own.

All you can Art 2 remains till August 27, 2017.