IBB exhibition The Other Holy Trinity

IBB exhibition The Other Holy Trinity

On Thursday, December 14, 2017 IBB will open a trinity of exhibitions
at Instituto Buena Bista (IBB), Curaçao.

The other Holy Trinity
Gallery Esmeralda
7 PM
Mohikanenweg 8 (Premises of Capriles Clinic)
Willemstad, Curaçao.

The exhibitions will remain till February 23, 2018.


The temporality is the Value (of Curaçao)
Artist in Residence (AIR), PJ Bruyniks will present his large construction ‘The temporality is the Value (of Curaçao)’. This work expresses the different values Curaçao has for its population and its abundance of different visitors (now and in the past). Key in this construction is the Isla refinery; its impact on the size of the population and all the cultures it brought. Therefore common shapes of the refinery are used to express the different values of Curaçao.

Next to this installation PJ also organized 2 seminars for the students of IBB. In October the IBB students presented 5 ‘machines that attribute value’. Now in December the students will present their stories on the fictitious fact that everywhere on Curaçao you see pictures, graffiti, sculptures of a makamba sitting on a iguana. The 30 students made complete stories about this with film, animation, drawings, performances, paintings, sculptures and installations. For this project the students were paired with clients of Klinika Capriles. The students will present their works in their own studios at IBB.

IBB promises a journey through unlimited fantasies with now and than a serious thought about what is happening on our island and in our lives.

Th project was assisted and co-organized by guest-artist Samantha Vlaming. She is at IBB for two and a half months, and will show several works under the title ‘Curaçao speed’. In these she explores the pace that seems to have its grip on the island. Together with objects from daily life she processes impressions of Curaçao.

With her works IBB considers the trinity complete. Because as Dutch as PJ Bruyniks is, as Curaçao as the students are, Samanth Vlaming has her roots in both Curaçao and the Netherlands, -according to IBB.

The exhibition remains till February 23, 2018.