Kaya Kaya December 2018

Kaya Kaya December 2018

Kaya Kaya is a street party organized by locals in the Otrobanda neighborhood of Willemstad. This ‘Boi’ brug edition‘ is the second edition of the festival and takes place around Van Lennepstraat and Ser’i Otrobanda.

December 22, 2018
4PM till 12AM (Midnight).

There will be food, music, vendors and some attention for the visual arts.

Francis Sling performing live at Keizershof: #Kita Sunu.
Artist Avantia Damberg created the Colourful Steps.
Johanna Franco Zapata together with IBB-student created large mural.
Exhibition by Carlos Blaaker and Diederik Radder.

The Kaya Kaya Street Party or festival is an initiative by Otrobanda entrepeneurs Clayton Lasten, Kurt Schoop and Raygen Zuiverloon. With the festival they boost the neighborhood through thorough clean-ups, small but necessary renovations and intensive paint jobs. For the festival the residents are invited to participate and set up their own small boots as vendors. Through the event the neighborhood experiences a face-lift, accessibility is improved and a positive image set out. By the use of visual arts, like the murals, desolate parts of the neighborhood are permanently uplifted. 
Information found on Kaya Kaya FB-page:
Kaya Kaya Street Party is for everyone. The street party brings people together from all walks of life. The street party offers different genres of music, local artists, murals, art expositions, pop-up restaurants, good food, vendors and many more!
Kaya Kaya Street Party is a sexy and engaging community building tool. We focus on effective community development on multiple levels.
Our first step is to increase the quality of life in the area by cleaning the area.
Secondly, we involve residents and property owners actively in cleaning up and beautifying their neighborhood.
We also actively involve the residents as organizers, vendors or helpers. This step is key in achieving an authentic feeling, it unites everybody for a common cause.
Last but not least: the publicity of Kaya Kaya may attract potential home buyers and investors to the neighborhood. Therefore, generating awareness & improving the image of Ser’i Otrobanda.
The main objective is to realize the full potential of Ser’i Otrobanda through the Kaya Kaya-activities which impact social, physical and economic pillars. Our goal is to leave it better behind.
Post and photographs by Josée Thissen-Rojer.