Maaiky Silos in Gallery Alma Blou

Maaiky Silos in Gallery Alma Blou

Gallery Alma Blou is presenting the solo show


Exhibition and premiere of the short movie MAMA

by Maaiky Silos.

November 11, 2017
19:30 hrs
Gallery Alma Blou
Landhuis Habaai,
Frater Radulphusweg 4.

Visual artist Maaiky Silos is presenting an explosive solo-exhibition, creating a thin line between art and reality.

Silos is born in the Netherlands but both her parents are from Surinam. In 2008 she graduated at the Willem de Kooning art academy in Rotterdam. Her senior project earned her the Threshold award/Drempelprijs for outstanding achievement in art education.

In 2006, when she is still a student, she is offered a job as Art Director. Maaiky quickly changes it to the more familiar Dutch title of ‘Kunstdirecteur’.

In Curaçao she opens her own shop in Punda, titled Kunstdirecteur. She writes the name on a board with a moustache underneath and puts it above the shop’s entrance. “Let’s not be too serious, she says. It’s time to create beautiful things.”

After the opening of her shop her own fashion line and style gained more publicity. She aims to connect people through art and commerce. Together with Lucky People Center International and Maaiky Fine Art it forms the source of her own company.

Who is the person behind Kunstdirecteur? What moves her and her choices? Maaiky Silos invites you to get acquainted with her. At the vernissage she will present herself, in the name of art. The moment, step by step, between live and death. Being and existence. An honest, impressive and exclusive exhibition by Maaiky Silos.

At the same time the documentary of MAMA will take place. MAMA is a short documentary, in collaboration with Dolph van Stapele, focusing on the care for mothers. What happens when you have to care for your mother and the nursing home is not an option? Where do you start and how will it effect you and your live?

Gallery Alma Blou welcomes you on November 11, 2017 at 7:30 PM
The exhibition remains till November 25, 2017.