Marcel van Duijneveldt in Mon Art Gallery

Marcel van Duijneveldt in Mon Art Gallery

Clouds have gathered in Mon Art Gallery. But rather than foreboding a rainy day, they brought many shades of white and blue.
Until September 15, 2013, Mon Art Gallery is exhibiting a series of of paintings by Marcel van Duijneveldt.

In his new, oil on canvas paintings, the details have been limited to a minimum. Only light, clouds and the atmosphere remain.

Clouds. Unattached, but still depending on the surrounding area for their color and radiance. Isolated or involved in a game with other clouds, seemingly modelling for a painting at various moments of the day. Or, posing for a picture…

In fact an obvious association, because photographs made with a Polaroid camera were indeed the inspiration for The Remains of the Day and the series Memories of a co-pilot.

Memories of a co-pilot
I was the co-pilot and I sat on the right
I knew where we were
on that brightest of night
But beyond understanding
I can’t remember the landing

Marcel van Duijneveldt, July 2013.


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