Meet & Greet at Uni Arte

Meet & Greet at Uni Arte

Uniarte began in 2010 as a platform to unite artists.

Once again Uniarte invites you to come meet and greet, with a special welcome drink.

As is the custom there will be an art exhibition opening combined. German artist Lara Dahlmann from Hamburg did an artist in residency and is showcasing her art in the ‘Showcase Your Art’ windows.

There will be a tango dance show by Rafa Oliana of Magia di Tango.

We are also saying goodbye to Ashley Mauricia who is making a career move and relocating to Stockholm, Sweden.

July 27, 2017
19:00 – 21:00 hrs.
Casa Moderna
Madurostraat 60

First official Showcase Your Art -exhibition: Man of War. Petchi Portugues
Paper installations by Lara Dahlman

Uniarte has a call for artists for the so called Showcase Your Art, where artists make an art installation in their own medium, thus transforming Casa Moderna’s showcase windows into spacial installation art.

Lara Dahlmann is a visual artist from Hamburg, Germany. During her studies she became interested in the Caribbean culture. This interest led to travels and longer stays. With a travel grant from the DAAD she worked as an artist in residence at Alice Yard in Trinidad and LPEP in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
As she always keeps herself informed about the Caribbean, she reacted to a call from Uniarte.

‘Man of War’ has the sea as a central theme. The title has a dual meaning. It refers to the sailing ship and the state of being full in arms. Also it refers to the marine creature commonly found in tropical regions, the Portuguese Man of War, in Papiamentu known as ‘Petchi Portugues’. With its distinctive blue color and the alien-like beauty, it creates an ambiguity of the dual game between seduction and danger.

Man of War is an abstract paper installation.

Thursday evening downtown is also Punda Vibes.