Music & Art Trilogy in 2019

Music & Art Trilogy in 2019

Music & Art is a trilogy in which The Curacao Art Circle combines classical music with different art disciplines.

The trilogy starts in Landhuis Bloemhof with

PART I: Allegro

Music from: Vivaldi, Shostakovich, Rota, Bizet, Grieg, Dvorak, Saint Saëns, Piazzola, White, Milhaud, Nielsen, Conrad and Palm.

Participating artists: Sculptress Hortence Brouwn, writer Elodie Heloise, Judy Sprock (paper art/calligraphy), visual artists Babette de Waele and Gwen Anderson, Sarah Mathoera, Ploy Nakham (paintings)

Soloists: Arjen de Graaf (violin); Eleanne Haalstra (violin); Kathelijne Mathoera (hobo); Thijs Haalstra (tenor); Jeanine van der Linden (soprano); Ilja Huang (piano).

Curaçao Wind Ensemble: Judy Sprock (flut), Andrew Solomon (hobo), Hein van Maarschalkerwaart (clarinet), John Smit (horn), Enid Lucasius (bassoon).

Iron Ensemble: Martha van Bergen, Arjen de Graaf, Eleanne Haalstra, Thijs Haalstra, Anthony Richardson, Antonio Rios (violin); Manuela Rios, Lieke Aerts (cello), Eric Calmes (contrabass).

PART II: Andante
Artworks by Maghalie George, Judy Sprock, Babette de Waele, Gwen Anderson and Ploy Nakham.

PART II: Vivace
Coffee concert

On Sunday, February 23, 2019 the Curacao Art Circle added an extra concert due to the succes of the trilogy-event. The coffee concert took place on Sunday morning, between 10 and noon, in La Belle Alliance of Avila Beach Hotel. The concert is an adapted (shorter) version of the (sold out) ‘Vivace’ concert in La Belle Alliance on February 23, 2019.
For this concert Gwen Anderson participated with paintings, Maghalie George with a sculpture and Judy Sprock demonstrated the art of calligraphy on stage while the musicians were performing.



Post and Photos of coffee concert by Josée Thissen-Rojer.