Myriam Monasterio in Gallery Alma Blou

Myriam Monasterio in Gallery Alma Blou

Gallery Alma Blou in Curaçao is welcoming you for the opening of a beautiful exhibition in Glass, by Myriam Monasterio.


Saturday, August 19, 2017.
At 19:30 hrs.
Gallery Alma Blou in Landhuis Habaai.

Opening words by Richenel Ansano.

The exhibition remains till September 2, 2017.

Information on Myriam Monasterio
Myriam Monasterio migrated from Venezuela to Curaçao together with her family 5 years ago. Curaçao was not unknown to her. As a very talented glass art artist she had been visiting Curaçao and Aruba since the nineties of the former century. She is one of the few artists with a formal education in this medium. Her wall decorations in glass are unique and very popular. She has received  various commissions by hotels and she has also made special pieces for churches. Sometimes she obtains an assignments from real art lovers. She than creates special pieces for them to embellish their homes with, like glass partitions or lamps.
In the meantime Myriam also started teaching classes how to paint on glass and how to make glass art. Her courses are very successful as this is not so common on the island.

Gallery Alma Blou is very happy to host this exhibition.

Gallery Alma Blou
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