Nanzi exhibit at Kas di Kultura Kòrsou

Nanzi exhibit at Kas di Kultura  Kòrsou

Exhibit of Nanzi paintings and drawings at the art gallery of Kas di Kultura Kòrsou . The event is a collaboration with Anansi Masters. Director/producer Jean Hellwig from The Netherlands will be present for the launch of the dvd ‘Anansi Masters – the story coninues – Nanzi stories from Curaçao and Aruba.’
The dvd contains 32 stories that were recorded by the Anansi Masters cameras on the Caribbean Islands of Curaçao and Aruba in 2012. Nanzi the Spider is known on Curaçao as Nanzi or Kompa Nanzi.



Participants of the exhibit: Joan van Leeuwen, Sandra Leonora, Morgaine Parris, Nathaly Pas, Lorraine Rosalia, Dennis Sint Jago, Wendell Tielman, Merly Trappenberg and 5 young students of Adriana’s Academy.

Exhibit opens on Saturday, January 19th, at 7 PM.

Galeria Kas di Kultura is open from Monday through Friday:
9 AM – Noon
2 PM – 4.30 PM