Nelson Gonzalez in Curaçao

Nelson Gonzalez in Curaçao

Artist Nelson González playfully transforms his imaginary dreams to a visual reality.

Exhibition ‘Brilliant Stories‘ opens in Gallery Alma Blou,

May 19, 2018
6 – 8 PM
Opening act: Curatorial dialogue between Lusette Verboom and Nelson González.

Gallery Alma Blou,
Landhuis Habaai,
Frater Radulphusweg 4.

Nelson González presents his imaginary world in Brilliant Stories: “The word brilliant means more than the most obvious, like every word. Me, as an artist, I do not tell brilliant stories. The graphic stories in my collages are brilliant…
Layers of glitter, a base with watercolor and acrylic on a porous, soft cotton paper. I called this series ‘Brilliant Stories’ because I want to express the analogy between the materials as a means to produce art and my own mental images. Which is in fact the beginning of the creation of any artistic work. People might call it ‘the idea’.”

“Glitter and frost… are without doubt, playful materials. They were also my first link when I tried to project a perceptible image with the transparent glue, when it was still forming and not yet visible. Because, you see, it is only when it comes in contact with the colorful micro particles of the glitter, that it makes up that ideograph and changes from an immaterial state to a material one, as concocted in my mind. And that’s what I present to you on paper.”

With this exhibition Nelson González presents 5 illustrated stories. All different, but still related to each other. This Venezuelan born artist has been living in Aruba for decades. He dedicates his life to art and over the past three years has been invited to participate in international exhibitions as the Cuba Biennale (2015), but also at museums in Colombia and Venezuela.

With Cuentos Brillantes/ Brilliant Stories he illustrates 5 imaginary short stories that go through his mind in the evening hours when he is unable to sleep, taking the viewer to a fascinating world by visualizing his fantasies.

At the opening, gallery owner mrs. Lusette Verboom, will be in dialogue with Nelson Gonzalez about his work and the influence he has on the world around him. As it is an open dialogue the public is invited to participate.

Click here for Nelson González’ website.

Former exhibitions by Nelson Gonzalez in Curaçao:
– 2013 Milk Drops at Landhuis Bloemhof.
– 2012 Psychographic Acts at Gallery Alma Blou.

The exhibition remains till June 2, 2018.