Philippe Zanolino – Slave of Love

Philippe Zanolino – Slave of Love

The new exhibition of paintings and sculptures by renowned local artist Philippe Zanolino opens Saturday October 18, 2014.

Slave of Love

Opens at 19:30 hours in
Gallery Alma Blou
Landhuis Habaai
Frater Radulphusweg 4

Opening words by his son Giovani Zanolino.

The exhibition also contains computer images made by Giovani Zanolino.
Closing date: November 10, 2014.

A few years ago Philippe Zanolino relocated to Bandabou, the more rural, West side of the island. This move has had a tremendous impact on his art. During his daily hikes through the mondi, the rough country side, he would sometimes come across large pieces of tree trunks. Zanolino transported these to his new studio where he would transform them into impressive art pieces and thus give them a second life.

The center piece in the exhibition is a sculpture, more than 2 meters tall, which was titled ‘Slave of Love’. Only Zanolino’s love for nature and his addiction to art can explain the nine months he worked incessantly on this piece and all the other sculptures in the exhibition. Gallery Alma Blou is proudly showing the sculptures together with early paintings by Zanolino, made in the early Nineties of the previous century. Mrs. Lusette Verboom-Fairbairn, owner of Gallery Alma Blou, personally selected the paintings for this exhibition.

For more information on Philippe Zanolino, click on this link to go to his profile on Curaçao Art.