Qiljienne Ys

Qiljienne Ys

First exhibition of a 17 year young lady called Qiljienne Ys, titled ‘I’.

February 25th, 2018. (1 day event)

The exhibition was held in the living room of her parents home, which for the occasion had been transformed into a gallery. A total of 24 paintings were on display and each one had a number, corresponding with the number on the folder which you received on entering the room. The color black dominated the staging: invitation, the backdrop curtains, Qiljienne’s outfit and even the folder were executed in black.

Qiljienne explained how she had started and how all the works in the exhibition had been made in the recent year. Upon finishing the last painting she decided that it was time for an exhibition.

Qiljienne claims she has not had any formal training and did everything on her own. The whole project is quite an accomplishment and Curaçao Art wishes her succes in her further course of study.