Sombra di Koló

Sombra di Koló

The premiere of the documentary
‘Sombra di Koló – The Shadow of Color’ takes place on
September 24, 2014
in Teatro Luna Blou,
Gouveneur de Rouvilleweg in Willemstad.

Anthropologist Angela Roe together with filmmakers Selwyn de Wind and Hester Jonkhout explore the meaning of race and skin color in Curaçao’s modern day society. In this documentary 30 islanders, from different districts like Barber, Seru Fortuna, Otrobanda, Janwé and Spanish Waters, are given the opportunity to share their own story.

‘Sombra di Koló – The Shadow of Color’ is a production of Warwarú Image Nation Foundation.

Art exhibition ‘Sombra di Koló – The Shadow of Color’
Ten local artists also give their view on race and color, through their art. The exhibition is set up in the garden of Teatro Luna Blou and can be visited from September 24 till October 31, 2014.

Participating artists are: Ailsa Anastatia, Avantia Damberg, Kirk Claes, Sandra Vali Leonora, Garrick Marchena, Felix de Rooy, Norva Sling, Omar Sling, Roberto Tjon-A-Meeuw and Giovani Zanolino.

More information can be found on the website of Warwaru Image Nation Foundation
and on Facebook.