Tribute to Luigi Pinedo

Tribute to Luigi Pinedo

The Curaçao Museum is hosting a special exhibition in the Snip Gallery:

‘Through my eyes’

A tribute exhibition to the cherished artist Luigi Pinedo (1926 – 2007).

Curaçao visual artist Luigi Pinedo passed away 10 years ago. He was much loved as a person and artist. Together with his students he painted till the very last. His family organized the present exhibition ‘Through my eyes’ to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his passing and to present a book with photographs of all his art works.

At the opening of the exhibition their were speeches by Mrs. Lusette Verboom, owner of Gallery Alma Blou and president of Stichting Arte’99 and by Mr. Lionel Janga.

Mrs. Verboom explained that not all his paintings are present in the exhibition. Most owners of Luigi Pinedo’s artworks were not able to part with his paintings. His works have so much meaning for the owners that they would or could not lend them for the exhibition.

During the opening ceremony one of his special students, the talented mrs. Nadya Moron spontaneously shared a precious memory of her last painting session with Luigi Pinedo. At their last plein air painting class, Luigi made a painting of a tree. When he asked his students for comment, they told him that it was a nice painting but that it was also odd, for they did not recognize his hand in it. Why not?, he asked them. Mrs. Moron described how the tree he had painted was placed at an odd angle, did not have leaves or branches and it was not like him to paint that way. But the morning was finished so they wrapped up their things and she later dropped him of at home. The next day she was shocked when she heard that he had passed away. Some time later his painting of their last class started making sense to her. Maybe unknowingly he had painted a foreboding of his passing. In Curaçao there is a saying E palu grandi a kai, A great tree has fallen, when an important and meaningful person dies. The painting of the branchless tree is in possession of Mrs. Moron.

The book ‘Through my eyes’ is edited by Gregory Isidora and contains contributions by a.o. Lusette Verboom and Lionel Janga. As is the custom in Curaçao it was baptized. Godfather Herman George baptized the book by pouring rose petals over it. The first copy was handed to the Governor mrs Lucille George-Wout by the daughters of Luigi Pinedo, Mrs. Muriel Saab-Pinedo and Mrs. Karin Isidora-Pinedo.

Curaçao Art congratulates the daughters of Luigi Pinedo, their families and everyone involved, with the publication and the exhibition.