Women of Curaçao

Women of Curaçao

Official launch of Project Ç Women of Curaçao on July 2, 2018, Flag day in Curaçao.

A project by Inonge Anandala, Jouke Schauwaert
and Marcel Truyens (1963-2019).

Project Ç consists of a series of interviews with 16 women from different cultures, background, age and profession in Curaçao. Inspiring quotes from these conversations were selected and translated into artistic photographic portraits, printed in large format.

The 16 photographs with quotes are exhibited for 6 weeks in the Nieuwstraat in Pietermaai, on the street in the open air. The fabric worn by the portrayed women, symbolize union and connection.

A total of 107 different nationalities are presently living in Curaçao. This significant number inspired the people behind Project Ç to investigate the thoughts and motivations of several of these groups, often living peacefully next to each other. With this special exhibition, Project Ç seeks to contribute positively to the Curaçao community and strengthen the connection between the different cultures, contributing to the development of a strong nation.

Project Ç is a concept by artist and stylist Inonge Anandala, author and linguist Jouke Schauwaert and photographer Marcel Truyens.

The open air exhibition remains for 6 weeks in the Nieuwstraat, Fuikstraat and Fuiksteeg in Pietermaai. Entrance is free.

Project Ç is made possible by ENNIA, Project 3 studios, Caribbean Legacy and Pietermaai District.
For more information follow Project Ç on Facebook.

With special thanks to Jouke Schauwaert for bringing this project to our attention.