Oltheten, Anna

Oltheten, Anna

“I firmly believe that if you have a talent you must use and develop it to the best of your abilities. Because it is a gift you were born with, and it is your responsibility to take care of your talent and nurture it.”

Anna Oltheten (Voorschoten, 1951) is raised in an artistic family and as a young child she is already determined to become an artist.
She moves to Curaçao in 1973, but it is not until 1983 that she fully embraces the urge to develop herself as an artist. Lacking a good teacher in her proximity she educates herself. Using instruction books and common sense, she explores and discovers the possibilities of painting and drawing.

Her first solo exhibit takes place in 1989 at Gallery’86 and is opened by May Henriquez (1915-1999). The exhibition features Oil paintings, watercolors and mixed media paintings. There after Anna exhibits her work regularly in group- and solo exhibitions. Anna is also a traveller and her journeys are an important source of inspiration. Through her art she expresses her travel experiences to countries like Cuba, Surinam and Africa.

She paints not only with a brush but with her whole being, driven by an urge that comes from deep within, from her subconscious. Her work can be dark in color and subject, emanating intensity and commitment. Her work can also be vibrant, claiming attention and summoning uneasiness in the viewer. Yet, her brush stroke is gentle and composed, conveying the reassurance that no matter what, the artist is always in control.

2013: Text by Josée Thissen-Rojer.