Sipkes, Evelien

Sipkes, Evelien


The art pieces by Evelien Sipkes are characterized by ingenious and original concepts, an incredibly fine finish of the surface, and precise attention to detail.

A fine example is her  Live To Be Born installation, presented at the grand exhibition Antepasado di Futuro in 2010 at the Curaçao Museum. An apparently simple concept executed with dedication and incredible finesse ravishes the viewer.

The many ultra-thin slices, fastened to slender hemp ropes stretched from ceiling to floor, exude an overall delicate appearance. The ceramic bowl in the middle is made of the same type of slices but larger, carefully placed on top of each other to form the belly of the bowl. Evelien’s playful use of light, texture, and composition in this installation attracts the eye and plays with the mind.

“This installation refers to 10-10-10, the date on which Curaçao became an autonomous country”, Evelien explains. “It consists of eighteen hemp ropes with thin oval ceramic slices in various colors dangling from the ropes. The different colors of clay symbolize the skin colors of the people of Curaçao. This mix makes a lovely palette, more beautiful than just one color. The larger piece in the center is the uterus, symbolizing Curaçao.”

Evelien Sipkes (1955) was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She lived in Curaçao as a young girl from 1963 to 1973. From 1991 to 1995, she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht: Hoge School voor de Kunsten. She returned to Curaçao in 1996. Between 1999 and 2008, she attended several workshops and classes for clay, porcelain, and bronze.

Evelien is inspired by nature and the beauty of all the different parts and materials that together create its splendor. She discovers qualities like strength, love, humor, spirituality, and adaptability in nature. Her collections revolve around a specific theme. For her series ‘Respect for Nature’, she designed pieces that could be worn as jewelry and also be displayed as objects. For instance, as shown below, a porcelain necklace on a base resembles a coral structure. The idea for this series was that people must realize that we can borrow something from nature but must put it back afterward. “Use nature”, Evelien says, “Don’t misuse it”.

In April 2013 Evelien wins a virtual competition ‘Black & White. Opposites Attract’ by Beautiful People Live Art. She is awarded a beautiful virtual catalog titled Endless. It contains stunning illustrations and comprehensive information about the artist and her art.