Spijkstra, Ellen

Spijkstra, Ellen


“As an artist, I am not interested in telling a story or giving a complete overview. I aim to make people aware of the beautiful images around them.
I am fascinated by matter, the contrast between the skin of different surfaces and the process of erosion or deterioration. I use it in constructing rhythmic compositions and forms. My work is about harmony, balance, and tranquility. My photographs show that I am a ceramist at heart” (from the artist statement of Ellen Spijkstra).

Ceramist and photographer Ellen Spijkstra (Netherlands, 1957) attended the Minerva Academy School for Fine Arts and Design in Groningen, Netherlands. After moving to Curaçao in 1980, she started a ceramics studio, Studio Girouette.
From July 1985 till July 1986, Ellen attended the Rochester Institute of Technology as an ‘independent student’. At this institute, she did several master courses like glass blowing, clay and glaze studies, and kiln building.
In 1991 she finished a photography course at the New York Institute of Photography, but before that, she was already showing her photographs and receiving prizes for them.

Ellen has been exhibiting solo as well as in groups and has represented Curaçao at the international art scene on numerous occasions.
At Studio Girouette, she regularly invited international ceramic artists and organized workshops for her students.
Ellen’s work is represented in several public collections on Curaçao, like Maduro & Curiëls Bank N.V., Avila Beach Hotel, The Central Bank, The Curaçao Museum, the Maritime Museum, and the World Trade Center.

The 2023 Premio Cola Debrot has been awarded to Ellen Spijkstra. The ceremony was held on May 4, 2023.

Ellen Spijkstra is represented on Curaçao by Gallery Alma Blou at Landhuis Habaai.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013: Roest & KoraalPremière of a filmed portrait of Ellen Spijkstra, visual artist in Curaçao, by Felix de Rooy and Kirk Claes.

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