The Longest Painting 2013

The Longest Painting 2013
Location: EEG weg, between Aqualectra and roundabout at ITC.
Start date: 2013-06-23
End date: 2013-07-01
Time: Longest Painting: starting at Midnight on June 28 and continuing non-stop till Midnight June 30, 2013.

Visual artist in Curaçao are preparing themselves for a new national event: The longest painting in the Kingdom of The Netherlands.
On June 29 and 30, 2013 visual artists and the people of Curaçao are invited to take part in this spectaculair event: Creating a 2 km long painting on canvas.

The idea for this project was conceived by Curaçao visual artist Ashley Mauricia. In 2009 Ashley founded the ‘Curaçao World’s Longest Painting’ with the intention to create the longest painting of the world (500 meters). As a test he organized a project to make a painting of 50 meters. This was done in Salinja, at the parkinglot of one of the sponsors on November 1, 2009. More than 360 people came to this event and participated. Locals, artists and tourists added their contribution on the canvas.
The result of this event is now on display at the Marshé Nobo in Punda. It is hung on the outside wall and can be admired when entering town from the direction of Julianaplein.
Back then the event was sponsored by Building Depot, Kooyman, Antilliaanse Verf Fabriek and Ackerman.

Now, in 2013 the foundation is facing an even bigger challenge. Curaçao is preparing herself for a Caribbean record by creating a painting with the length of 2 km. It will be the longest painting in the kingdom of The Netherlands created by 35 (international) artists and everyone who wishes to join.
Every participating visual artist has made a commitment to paint 10 meters of canvas. Their contributions will be auctioned at the end of the project.

The theme for the event is Nature and I in Liberty, Ami ku mi naturalesa den libertad.
In 2013 the Dutch Kingdom commemorates the 150th Anniversary of Abolition of Slavery. The Longest Painting has been proclaimed a National Event in Curaçao and the theme of this project relates to the Abolition and emancipation of the slaves. The event itself is set directly before July 1, on which day Curaçao yearly commemorates the abolition of slavery at the Emancipation Monument at Rif.
July 2, Flag day in Curaçao, is a national holiday.

The project will start at Midnight on June 28 and continue non-stop till Midnight on June 30, 2013.
In the week prior to the event (June 23 – 28)the visiting artists will give workshops and presentations. The exact dates and locations are yet to be affirmed.

EEG-weg, running from Aqualectra to the roundabout on top at ITC. The canvas will be spread out on the road.
Everyone who wants to join is asked to register and will be supplied with brushes and paint.

Registration begins on June 27th, 2013. Please register during office hours at EXTRA.

Live Broadcasting
The event will be broadcasted live by TeleCuraçao.

Participating artists in Curaçao: Papy Adriana, Herman van Bergen, Didi Dometili, Marcel van Duijneveldt, Fonz Heijdens, Yubi Kirindongo, Wigberto Lopez, Pitopolo, Fifi Rademaker, Ced Ride, Babette de Waele, Giovani Zanolino, Philippe Zanolino.

Participating artists from Aruba, Canada, Dominican Republic, Miami (US), The Netherlands and Venezuela
Aruba: Elvis Lopez.
Canada: Delgado Delhio.
Dominican Republic: Aram Borman Musser Frias, Alejandro Antonio Cabral Cornero, Esau Gil Peña, Alexander Miranda Jimenez, Genaro Antonio Reyes Mercedes and Junior Reyes.
Miami (US): Jack Berry.
The Netherlands:, Mike Freeke, Remko Koopman, Garrick Marchena, Gustave Nouel, Kenneth Olbina, Hubert Verhulst and ZEDZ.

Venezuela: Amilcar Alejo, Omar Borrero, Nicasio Duno, José Jimenez, Jhomar Loaira.

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Sponsors for 2013
Antilliaanse Verffabriek B.V.
Building Depot B.V.
CHATA Curaçao Hospitality And Tourism Association
Orco Bank N.V.

Board members of the World’s Longest Painting Foundation:
Ashley Mauricia (President), Renny Oellers (Secretary), Benedict Bito (Treasurer), Emsly Bulo, Eus Anthony and Roxanne Larmonie.

Logo design: Sulen Kwast.