Eddy Wegman in The Curacao Museum

Photo exhibition and photo book release on Eddy Wegman (1918-1988).

Opening Thursday evening, August 8, at 7PM
The Curaçao Museum
Van Leeuwenhoekstraat z/n
Mundu Nobo

The Curaçao Museum is presenting a exhibition of photographs by Eddy Wegman, accompanied by a publication with a compilation of photographs.

Eddy (Everhardus Antonius) Wegman was born in Doetinchem, the Netherlands, on February 17, 1918. He was a striking man with a big passion for photography. In his teens he was a sports fanatic, with a preference for boxing and cycling. He practiced these sports until shortly before his passing in May 1988.

Eddy moved to Curacao in 1945 to work for the Shell oil refinery, as superintendent for storeroom services. His wife joined him two years later in 1947. Their two children Marjon and Eddy jr. were born in 1948 and 1951 respectively. He was a dedicated family man and would often say “Ik heb alles, ik heb jullie” (I have everything, I have you).

Photography was his great hobby and he especially loved taking pictures of people. The trust people gave him is found in the many black & white photographs he made between 1945 and 1963. Apparently back then, people didn’t want to be photographed because of “the evil eye”. At that time people feared that the camera lens could take their soul. That is why the collection of negatives he left behind, is so unique. 

Eddy Wegman received numerous prizes at photo exhibitions organized by Focus, El Globo and the Curaçaose Camera Club (C.C.C.). He was promoted to the ‘klasse A’-category in amateur photography. His crowning achievement was the publication of his photo of a pelican in the American magazine Modern Photography.

During is live he was honored twice for his resistance work during the Second World War. As a member of ‘The Knokploeg Johannes Post’ he was able to save lives, while often risking his own. In 1951 he received the ‘Mobilisatie Oorlogskruis’ for his resistance work, especially the attack on the Weteringschans. In 1981 he was given the ‘Verzets Herdenkingskruis’.

There is much that can be told about Eddy Wegman, including an anecdote involving the painter Jo Annemaet in the alleys of Otrobanda. Join The Curaçao Museum and learn more about a fascinating Dutch passer by in Curaçao.


Posted by Josée Thissen-Rojer.