Fundashon di Artista

The Curaçao artist foundation, Fundashon di Artista was originally founded in 1971 by the well known naive painter Ocalia (1916-1984). It supports local artists by creating awareness for the crucial role of art in every  society. The foundation also aims to bridge the gap between different communities and the various art disciplines in the Caribbean. Furthermore it provides artists with opportunities to present their work.

One of the projects is the 2007 open air Exhibit ‘Something is Happening in Pietermaai’ which combined the visual arts with theatre and literature. Another example is the 2011 exhibition of Curaçao art in Michigan (US) which the fundashon di Artista helped to organize.

Each year the foundation also publishes the Dutch Caribbean Art Diary with an overview of new work by new and established local artists. The 2012 edition included art from about seventy artists from Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Martin, Statia, Saba, Surinam and Barbados.

Fundashon di Artista also organizes the building of The Cathedral of Thorns by artist Herman van Bergen. This project emphasizes the role art has in a community. The labyrinth will confront visitors with the contemporary theme of respect for the planet and others.
Another important aspect of this enterprise is that artist Van Bergen has made it a special project to work with the youth of Curaçao for its realization.

t: +(5999) 462 2977 or 526 6349