Blaaker meets Radder

Blaaker meets Radder

Friday 9, 2018 a new exhibition at Wandu Café.

Blaaker meets Radder

Time: 6 PM
Wandu Café
Hanchi Snoa 14

Opening words by Neeltje Timmers.

After the exhibition of Avantia Damberg, Wandu Café is opening a new art show with works by 2 artists: Carlos Blaaker and Diederik Radder.

At six in the evening, when the shops in Punda close, art lovers and invitees gather at Wandu Café for the vernissage of the next art exhibition. This time a show by visual artist Carlos Blaaker and Diederik Radder.

An exhibition with only two paintings. Wandu Café has one wall available for its exhibitions so the space is limited. The paintings by Blaaker and Radder are rather big and fill the wall nicely enough. Smaller artworks by the individual artists are scattered over the coffee house and complete the exhibition.

For an outsider their partnership is quite a surprise. Their individual artworks reveal a remarkably different style. Neeltje Timmers is in charge of the opening words and describes the collaboration between both friends. They didn’t use the same studio, or actually work together, or have any division of tasks.

As far as we understand, the deal was as follows: Each artist started a painting. Then at some point, they swapped their work and let the other finish it. The two finished works were subsequently brought to the café to be exhibited.

Timmers mentions wonderment. Wonderment, as a large, macho type like Carlos would surely not fancy his painting transforming into a glue- and patchwork with bright pom-poms. But, as a matter of fact, Carlos didn’t mind it at all.  On the contrary. He didn’t mind Diederik’s playful liberties and rather appreciated them.

On the other hand, when Diederik Radder first saw the transformations Carlos had made to the painting he had started, he hushed. But, Timmers continues,  after a while he commented it to be “totally funny”. Timmers outlined Diederik Radder as a person who can always appreciate and marvel over the small things in life. Posessing a catchy enthusiasm.

All in all, Blaaker meets Radder is a quaint exhibition. Unfortunately the collaboration only produced 2 artworks. Although their styles differ entirely, the combination is intriguing. Still, the show could have been bigger.

For instance, it would have been interesting to witness a development in their collaboration. Had the exhibition been larger, surely the introduction by Mrs. Timmers would have been a disparate story.

When in Punda, walk in to Wandu Café in Hanchi Snoa, to see this exhibition.

Wandu Café
Hanchi Snoa 14

T (+599 9)523 1435
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