Ceremonial portrait of King Willem-Alexander

Ceremonial portrait of King Willem-Alexander

Curaçao, April 24, 2014.

Portraitist Bianca Berends (1971) has been living in Curaçao since 2011. She has recently created a ceremonial portrait of
the Dutch King Willem-Alexander, in oil paint on linen.

The painting is available as a print on either Artist Canvas or Hahnen Museum Etching paper. These fine-art prints have been approved by the Netherlands Government Information Service (Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst, RVD).

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Portrait of former Governor Goedgedrag by Bianca Berends

On October 24, 2013 the former Governor of the Netherlands Antilles and Curaçao, mr. Frits d.l.S. Goedgedrag received a painted portrait of himself as a parting gift. The painting, a token of appreciation, was presented at a reception in the Governor’s Palace in Willemstad. As has become a custom, two portraits were unveiled that afternoon. One portrait to be hanged in the official portrait gallery of the Governor’s Palace and another to be handed to the parting Governor. At the reception mr. Goedgedrag, with a wink, confided to the guests  that the unveiling of the two portraits was the final action of his duties and that he could now officially retire.

Both paintings were created by the Dutch visual artist and portraitist Bianca Berends. She has been living in Curaçao since 2011 and was personally chosen by mr. Goedgedrag for the honorable, double assignment.

Her first action on receiving the commission was to travel to Aruba, to meet mr. Goedgedrag, make sketches and discuss options regarding technique, choice of materials and characteristics of the portrait. Of course the official portrait was subject to Protocol and requested a formal approach. She also took into consideration that this painting had to fit in an already existing series of portraits. The second painting however, as it was meant as a personal gift, allowed more freedom in choice of clothing, posture and facial expression.

Looking back Bianca Berends observes that both paintings turned out modern. Although the resemblance is the most important feature, she was able to impart both with a modern twist. For the formal portrait the challenge was to make it fit in with the existing portrait series of former Governors. The artist therefor it had to take the traditions in account, while staying true to her own style. Apart from that it was also the wish of the former Governor that it not be too photographic, but be what it was, a painted portrait. Bianca gave the former Governor a reserved facial expression in the formal portrait and for the other painting made his expression more warm and open.
The Governor’s Cabinet praises both paintings for the fact that the artist not only captured the former Governor’s physical image, but above all managed to portray his individual personality.

Bianca Berends (1971) was born in Gouda, the Netherlands. When she was 5 years old she lived with her parents in Curaçao for a year and a half, during the time that her father was employed at Bullenbaai. After finishing High school she attended the Fine Arts Academy in Maastricht TEHATEX, followed by the study ‘Kunst en Cultuurwetenschappen’ at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. For the past 6 years she has been working full time as a portraitist.

Frits Martinus de los Santos Goedgedrag (Aruba, 1951), was appointed Governor of the Netherlands Antilles in 2002. As Governor he represented the King as Head of the local Government. On October 10, 2010 (10-10-10) mr. Goedgedrag became the first Governor of Curaçao, when Curaçao was proclaimed an autonomous country. His retirement due to health problems was announced on November 23, 2012.

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