Family secrets in the Curacao Museum

Family secrets in the Curacao Museum

The Curaçao Museum is hosting a new exhibition in the Snip gallery, titled

Sekreto di Famia – Papel, Pana, Potoshi
(Family secrets – paper, fabric, bits and pieces)

By the following ladies: Maria van Enckevort, Claire Klinkert and Judy Sprock .

Opening: January 26, 2019
10:30 AM – Noon.

Maria van Enckevort makes small tapestry like scenes using different kinds of fabrics. Through her hands old, used clothes and fabrics in all colors and patterns, come to life in a different way. Her products bring back old memories that seemed lost, faces and stories from the past that we can not forget.

Claire Klinkert brings a unique collection of bits, pieces and paintings, depicting the world of her loved ones: her mother’s wondrous world, her father’s poetry, the creatures living in her garden and the Caribbean folks with so many hidden talents.

Judy Sprock shows her beautiful and delicate creations, inspired by her love for paper and nature. She uses magazines, newspapers, telephone directories and old, discarded pieces of metal.

The Curaçao Museum
Van Leeuwenhoekstraat z/n