Sling, Norva

Sling, Norva


Ceramist Norva Sling (Curaçao, 1947) is a self taught visual artist.

She was married to Nel Simon. When they lived in the barrio of Stenen Koraal they built their own oven for their studio and created a statue garden.

After their divorce Norva went to The Netherlands and lived in Friesland were she continued her work as a ceramist. She kept her ties with Curaçao by participating in group exhibitions whenever possible.

She has recently moved back to Curaçao. Her first solo exhibit after her return took place at Kas di Kultura in November 2011 and was titled “Perseveransia”





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2011 Exhibit of Art, Music and Dance. Kas di Kultura, Curaçao

2011 Mon Art Gallery (group exhibit), Curaçao

2010 Antepasado di Futuro (group exhibit), The Curaçao Museum, Curaçao

2010 Festival del Caribe, Cuba

2004 Kasteel van Rhoon (group exhibit), The Netherlands

2002 'Kleurrijk Friesland'. Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

2001 Antillenhuis, together with her daughter N.L. Simon. The Hague, The Netherlands

2001 Galerie Artina, together with J.M. Capricorne. Lochem, The Netherlands

2000 Kijkzaal. Wolvega, The Netherlands

1999 'Arte '99... Ayera Awe Mañan', Curaçao

1998 Theater Romeijn. Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

1998 'Kara di Muhé'. Gallery '86, Curaçao

1997 Gemeente Weststellingwerf, The Netherlands

1997 Gemeente Tietjerksteradeel, The Netherlands

1996 Home Center. Wolvega, The Netherlands

1996 Galerie De Koningstal, The Netherlands

1996 Galerie Marieke van Broek, together with Rudy Martina. The Netherlands

1995 Martinihal. Groningen, The Netherlands

1994 Hotel de Zwaan. Raalte, The Netherlands

1993 The Curaçao Museum, Curaçao

1991 Hotel Las Palmas, Curaçao

1988 The Curaçao Museum, Curaçao

1988 Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Curaçao

1982 Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten. Antwerp, Belgium

1981 Museum Rijswijk, The Netherlands

1979 Centro Pro Arte, Curaçao

1975 Casa del Teatro, Dominican Republic

1975 Cultural Center Bolivar, Curaçao

1974 University of Burlington. Vermont, USA

1973 Fundashon Obra di Man, Curaçao

1973 Casa Bolivariano, Curaçao


Publications and Awards

2008 Artist from Curaçao, Museo Savonet.

1998 Het Gouverneurshuis van de  Nederlandse Antillen, een rondgang langs Antilliaanse en Nederlandse kunst.

1991 Premio Cola Debrot