Instituto Buena Bista opens group exhibit on April 25, 2013

Instituto Buena Bista opens group exhibit on April 25, 2013
Location: Instituto Buena Bista, Mohikanenweg 8, Curaçao.
Start date: 2013-04-25
End date: 2013-04-25
Time: 7 PM

The complete institute at IBB will join in the new group art exhibit opening on April 25th at the Mohikanenweg 8 in Curaçao.

Avantia Damberg, local artist in residence at IBB will be exhibiting drawings and installations. Her presentation is titled ‘A Bird Told Me’.

Avantia Damberg (Leeuwarden, 1977)  graduated in 2007 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. She stayed in The Netherlands for 4 years additional years. During that time she exhibited internationally and expanded her experience in disciplines like painting, video-art, animations and installations. She recently returned to Curaçao to continue her work as a visual artist. Avantia now works outdoors or in public spaces. She makes installations and uses mixed media as a challenge for her own development. At the IBB exhibit she will present a multi-media installation.

The two images above, on the right, are photographs of the work in progress. First a collection of drawings and sketches as a reference. Second, an image of Avantia working on a sculpture for the exhibit opening on April 25th.

“I put my loves, fears, doubts and humor in my works that gives it content. I talk about just being me, while the ingredients are my faith, daily life, my discoveries in the seemingly daily life. With image, sound and poetry I try to relate to nature, space and the other. Accordingly i would like to put someone else on a different track i created, just for that moment.”
Statement by Avantia Damberg.

LIVE STREAM of the lecture by Jeroen Kooijmans, artist in residence from The Netherlands. Jeroen also made a movie, with assistance  from the students at IBB.

Elspeth Diederix will present a new photographic series.

Work in progress of different workshops. Students of Cleo de Brabander, a former IBB student who recently completed her training at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Exhibit of paintings made by students of IBB and patients of Klinika Capriles.

Report on the travels to Florida Atlantic University (FAU) by David Bade, Tirzo Martha and IBB students.

Paintings by Churandy Winster on his travels with David Bade and Tirzo Martha for their participation in the Biennial of Panama