Libertat, 150 Aña Abolishon di Sklabitut

Libertat, 150 Aña Abolishon di Sklabitut
Location: Galeria Kas di Kultura Kòrsou at Scharloo.
Start date: 2013-08-04
End date: 2013-12-16
Time: Monday – Friday: 9 AM till Noon and 2 - 4 PM, Saturday: 10 AM till 1 PM.

Libertat (Freedom) is the exhibition in the art gallery of Kas di Kultura in Curaçao to commemorate 150 years of abolition of slavery.

Helen de Haas coordinated this event by request of foundation Arte ’99 pa libertat. She selected and coached the 21 participants for several months, challenging their imagination and artistry.

The result is an exhibition surpassing her expectations. Many of the participants impressed Helen, submitting arresting and gripping pieces. At the opening ceremony she spoke about artists as the voice of a community. She praised the participants’ attitude because like Tula, the leader of the Curaçao slave revolt of 1795, they dare to be different.

Each artist chose a different approach to the liberation-theme. Some focused on freedom and victory (Shartella Santiago), while others concentrated on slavery (Morgaine Parris) or present-day forms of slavery (Anthony Wijshijer). Another noteworthy theme is the struggle for mental liberation (Wendell Elisabeth).
Although the level of the participants varies, all artworks in their own way show the collective attempt to excell in skill and performance. Apart from the theme, also the artists mutual dedication makes this a very special commemorative exhibition.

Participants: Idamis van Berkel-Ospina, Vivian Cornet, Wendell Elisabeth, Marianne Faydherbe, Ericka de Groot, Joan van Leeuwen, Audrey Leonora, Sandra Leonora, Garrick Marchena, Gala Martinus, Nadya Moron, Morgaine Parris, Nataly Pas, Pito Polo, Lorraine Rosalia, Shartella Santiago, Omar Sling, Wendell Thielman, Merly Trappenberg, Anthony Wijshijer and Rugia Zimmerman.

Libertat is patronized by Foundation Arte ’99, pa Libertat to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the Dutch Kingdom.