Carlos Blaaker in Mon Art Gallery

Carlos Blaaker in Mon Art Gallery

The illusion of a story
Most paintings of Carlos Blaaker appear to tell a story. A father explaining something to his son. A girl on the beach sending a message with her phone. But whatever the viewer is imagining, the story could also be something completely different. And that is exactly what Blaaker is trying to achieve.

Blaaker: ”I enjoy telling stories about everyday life which could be anything the viewer is trying to image. The story is an illusion. Like a play writer or director I just create an atmosphere. The moment the audience leaves the theater, stepping into the bright light of the day, they realize everything they witnessed was just an illusion.”

While challenging the viewer, Blaaker does not avoid ‘sacred’ topics. An example is his painting Tula 2.0, which allows the viewer to decide whether the hero of Curaçao is either the man or the iguana. His preference to challenge and provoke is reflected by his style of painting. “I always use a broad brush. I’m not interested in details. I like it when the process of painting is still visible. I guess my handwriting – or rather brushwriting – is an extension of my personality. An open minded person will have open minded paintings.”

The selection of paintings by Carlos Blaaker are exhibited until October 19, 2013.

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