Wood and Stones

Wood and Stones

Creation Living Wood & Love Stones

This Saturday december 8th, amateur sculptor Maghalie George will present her exhibition Creation: Living Wood & Love Stones in Landhuis Bloemhof at 7:30 PM.

With sculptures made out of local wood and stones, Curaçao’s nature gets a new life in the works of Maghalie George. The exhibition will be opened by Elodie Heloise and can be seen until January 12, 2019.

A new dimension
Maghalie debuted in 2015 with the exhibition ‘Love Stones’, followed by a second solo exhibition in 2017 called ‘Roots’. In her present and third exhibition, she presents what using spirituality and nature as a guidance and inspiration can create.

While working on her artworks she realized at some point that a wide variety of images took shape under her hands: “Butterflies, fish, torsos, two men, a public woman, Eva…, everything. In that variety I discovered the biblical story of creation. The contact with nature and the materials I worked with have inspired me to access my own spirituality and express my love for all that is from my own spirituality and in my own way. Nice, huh.”

Creation: Living Wood & Love Stones can be visited from December 8, 2018 till January 19, 2019.


Photographs and text by Landhuis Bloemhof.