Anastatia, Ailsa

Anastatia, Ailsa


Ailsa B. Anastatia (1978) was born in Curaçao.

From 1997 till 2001 she attended the Academie voor Beeldende Vorming in Tilburg, the Netherlands. After obtaining her first teacher’s degree she subscribed at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Art academy Amsterdam) in 2001. Three years later she received her degree as a first grade teacher for Visual arts and Design (2004).

Her paintings are created in series and her main theme is space. Space confirms her existence, for space defines form. Through colors and segments space is divided in separate parts. Her technique varies, depending on the vision she wants to impart.

Ailsa’s first series after finishing her training was called ‘Space and Harmony’ and dealt with empty spaces and the connection between man and nature. With these artworks Ailsa wanted to invite the viewer to retreat from daily activities or chores and pause for a while in the tranquilizing spaces she offered. Her second series ‘Inner Space’ showed abstract spaces which gave the spectator freedom for an own interpretation of the paintings.

In one of her later series ‘Look at Me’ (2010) she invites the viewer to look with her through the lens. But the vision is not focused and remains disturbed by the distractions around the viewing point. These paintings show the inability of man to focus and stay focused, even whith concentration.

During the Open Atelier Route of 2011 her series was inspired by the renovation of her new studio. Space is defined by the naked architectural structure of the building, which became visible during the renovation process. This exhibit was titled ‘The Reconstruction of the Rebirth’.

Ailsa Anastasia teaches at Kolegio A. de Paula (KAP) since 2007. In 2011 she attended a artist in residence program in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: ‘Sharing Identities’.  In December 2012 she taught a special course for the students of Instituto Buena Bista (IBB), in Curaçao.


The following 3 photographs were taken during the ‘Open Atelier Route’ on Curaçao in 2011 at her new studio. The exhibit was titled ‘The Reconstruction of the Rebirth’.

2013: Text and photographs by Josée Thissen-Rojer.





Video Nigra Videri (Black to be Seen), is an animation video by Avantia Damberg and Ailsa Anastatia:

"Nigra  Videri is an animation about enjoying to be invisible. Enjoying to disappear in the grey Dutch urban society. You can be there, but no one sees you. Until you want to, then you let your colors be seen and your sound be heard. At your own time."
Video was commissioned by: Black Magic Woman Festival at Centrum Beeldende Kunst (CBK) Zuid-Oost in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Below interview with Ailsa Anastatia for Studie & Beroepen Markt.



Solo Exhibits

2011 Living Expo WTC, Curaçao

2008 Ride for the Roses, Curaçao

Group Exhibits

2014 Nation in Transition, Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao

2014 Exploring the past to envisage the future, The Curaçao Museum, Curaçao

2011 Sharing Identities, Amsterdam Z.O.

2011 Mon Art Gallery, Curaçao

2011 Open Atelier Route, Curaçao

2010 Antepasado di Futuro, The Curaçao Museum, Curaçao

2004 Final exam-exhibit AHK. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2001 Het einde is het begin (The end is the beginning). Tilburg, The Netherlands


2011 Art Diary 2011/2012

2011 Sharing Identities/ BMW Festival Info Folders

2011 Living Expo magazine 2011 (August)

2004 Final Exam-catalogue for AHK (Art Academy Amsterdam)

2001 Final Exam-collection for Academie Beeldende Vorming Tilburg (Visual Art Academy in Tilburg)